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Dr. Seuss cartoon. Thing 1 and Thing 2.

If you’ve ever worked with lower level languages like C or C++, then you’ve probably heard of pointers. Pointers allow you to create great efficiency in parts of your code. They also cause confusion for beginners and can lead to various memory management bugs, even for experts. In this article, you’ll gain a better understanding of Python’s object model and learn why pointers in Python don’t really exist.

Everyone knows what an object is: a tangible thing that we can sense, feel, and manipulate. The earliest objects we interact with are typically baby toys. Wooden blocks, plastic shapes, and over-sized puzzle pieces are common first objects. …

Dynamic is really powerful!

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When we want to go to a place where there are only books, we run to a library. Here, we can find in a ordered way all kind books, history, science fiction (this is one of my favorite). When you are writing a program, we also need to use libraries. But here, instead of books, you can find diferents function that performs specifics operations. You can do amazing aplications that would see like a science fiction to the users.

In this articule, I’m going to talk about libraries in C programming language, mother of all language.

Summarizing what you will find in this…

Are you prepare to enter? We know the safe way.

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The Core Operating System: The Kernel

The term operating system is commonly used with two different meanings:

  1. To denote the entire package consisting of the central software managing a computer’s resources and all of the accompanying standard software tools, such as command-line interpreters, graphical user interfaces, file utilities, and editors.
  2. More narrowly, to refer to the central software that manages and allocates computer resources (i.e., the CPU, RAM, and devices).

The term kernel is often used as a synonym for the second meaning, and it is with this meaning of the term operating system that we are concerned in this book. Although it is possible to run programs on a computer without a kernel, the presence of a kernel greatly simplifies the writing and use of other programs, and increases the power and flexibility available to programmers. The kernel does this by providing a software layer to manage the limited resources of a computer. …

Can you make your own big library of functions? Yes you can do it!

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Hello my lovely readers, if you are interest in reading this articule is because you are like me, a curious person. I’m those kind of people that when is visiting a new country, always try to go to a library. I do this because you can find a huge kind of books that you won’t find in the best library in your country. This happens because is another culture and there are subjects that doesn’t match with your city culture. This is why I love it, get to know other types of personalities and information. It’s just amazing! I could spent hours inside a library, my wife always leave me alone, I take a book, buy a coffee and start reading it, even if I know that I won’t finish it. …

Human readable to computer language. This is like a google translator?

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We already know that all computers in the world talk the same Binary language. It’s a language that looks simple because it only has to numbers, 0 and 1, but when you want to write a simple sentence like Hello World!, it looks like this:

01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01010111 01101111 01110010 01101100 01100100 00100001

Imagine if you want more complicated instructions, it would be tons of numbers!

Here is where program language get important. They can make possible work with human readable code and by a process translate to machine language. …

There is not magic, it’s bash science!

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When I was a little kid I travel a lot with my cousins to Disney World. My uncle was a successful business man and always invite me to travel with them. He was like my second father. Every time I got into a Disney park it was like magic, a fairy tale. You feel like you are all the time inside a amazing story and you also feel the main character.

I’m 37 years old and I still remember those days as the best days of my life. Now, I have two kids and when the first one, Juan Diego, was 5 years old, my wife and I take him to Disney to show him the magic. But this time, I didn’t feel the magic, I realized that all the magic is really the hard work and creativity of the people who works there. …

Who is the good guy in this battle?

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I’m a beginner in the programming world. I just started as a student in the Holberton School in Bogotá, Colombia. I’m very excited and scare. When I applied to the school, I thought I was not going to get in, but I did. Now I find myself thinking like a computer to be able to explain what a Hard link and a symbolic link are about within the bash language (Bourne Again Shell).

If you are an advance programmer maybe you will not fine a very simple explanation, but I’m here to explain to “mortal people” like me, because is not only to give value to them, it’s also to make me better on this. …


Daniel Cortes

Looking for a digital transformation on my profesional career. That´s my north and my future

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